Wow. December already, it’s not like I wasn’t expecting it, it’s just the year flew by before I knew it. As I have been getting older it keeps going faster, I remember in my 20’s I couldn’t wait for the weekend to get here it seemed like the days were to long !! LOL !! Funny how that changes quick after a few decades. Getting all my Christmas shopping caught up finally !!!And yes I am back to practicing yoga and so very grateful I haven’t got stuck to the floor!!! Hope all have a fantastic Sunday !!!

    Well happy Black Friday the craziest shopping dy of the year…LOL. I do all my shopping on line and got some crazy deals for gifts and things needed around the home. Be safe and enjoy your shopping spree.

Good morning. Such an amazing morning here in Atlanta, enjoying a cup of coffee and going thru my to do list in my head!!! Reflecting back on everything I am so grateful for and continuing to make positive changes in my life. It’s a road I have to constantly work at just like all of us but it’s a beautiful one. Hope all has a blessed and beautiful Thanksgiving tomorrow.

Good day to all!! So much great stuff is happening around here and I am so grateful!!! New music projects along with a few other upcoming news soon to follow. I hope all have a fantastic weekend and many blessings to you.

Wow !! November already !! Where has this year gone too? My Mom was right the older you get the faster time goes…….I remember when I was younger I couldn’t wait for the weekend festivities and was waiting on the week days to pass….LOL. Not anymore !! Now I am grateful I wake up to another glorious day!

   So many questions run thru my mind in search of inner peace. I try not to dwell on my past mistakes and it is a difficult journey to forgive and move on but I will continue and I will get there. My biggest question of all is why? Why did it happen to me? Why did I choose to do that or make that comment? What lessons did I learn or did I?