In the beginning

  Where do I begin…….I was a tad bit on the wild side when I was younger and always did what I felt like regardless of the outcome. I had great friends who came and went and a few who I am still close with. I had heartbreak and caused a few too from what I’ve been told. All in all I had a lot of experiences, some good and some well let’s just say I won’t do that again kind and glad I survived. I’ve always had a deep inner peace inside when I would help someone or shared an experience that would change the course of my life. Let’s just say I was rolling with this life and trying to do my best, but I always felt like I wasn’t good enough. On the outside I was happy, but on the inside I was scared out of my mind. In this blog I will share some of my experiences and feelings, hopes and dreams. I hope that you will share in your life stories and feelings too.

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